I used to live in a closed down bar. My friend and his wife bought the building in downtown Los Angeles for a great deal. It was 5,000 square feet and they converted half of it into a loft-style art work space and living area, completely ripping out the sickass bathroom stalls and floor and making a normal bathroom and shower. They left the other half as a bar, in order to rent the space to films and commercials.

I paid them a little rent and took my TV and futon and lived in the center of the bar. It was weird, go out to a tiny bar, then come home to a bar three times as big, and wake up every morning - in a bar. Leather booths, wood paneling, inflatable blimp for the super bowl. Lived there 4 months. After I went and stayed in a hotel for work for one month, the joy of living in a bar was lost on me. I moved out and got a real apartment.

When we moved in to the bar, I noticed this snowglobe. My friend who bought the place has a friend who worked in special effects on the Episode One movie. And this was his Christmas “bonus” after the movie came out and was a big success. A snowglobe. He gave it to my friend and quit his job. Now it’s mine.

Has a wind-up function that moves the XYZ-wing fighter in a circle around the AT-AT Walker and plays the movie theme.