The town has been there forever but its been a tourist attraction from the recent, and awesome, show. My parents visited the town. Most of the original town burned down a long time ago so don't expect the film set if you ever go. The show was great, one of the most realistic depictions of the old west in movies (good television series with great stories are movies). Genre films like westerns and period pieces tend to clean things up too much. The best works remember that people were still people in other eras. Dialogue was rough and messy and vile. Prostitutes didn't look like Julia Roberts. Mining kept the town alive while destroying its citizens.

The globe is nice, though. It has the semi-popular subtitle, which really helps anyone who doesn't know why the town depicted exists. "Gold Rush 1876" reads "Wow, America", while the building inside looks nice and homey.

The other side gets some roughnecks in there. Wild Bill Hickok, badass gunfighter and gambling addict. Other side has a prospector, all noble and proud. Time makes myths.

The cards are what Hickok were holding when he got killed in a poker game. The aces and eights everyone agrees upon, but no one knows what the fifth card was, if he was still holding it. The nine of diamonds is from a local newspaper report.

And what I thought was a house is actually a saloon. Quaint!

I like how tiny the building is, with the gold snowing down. Feels real.