Wall Drug

Never mind the globes with gnomes, potato people, aliens, even the AT-AT Walker - This has to be the most unique. A dinosaur (I believe a brontosaurus) in front of a drug store, in water and snow, with "Wall Drug" sign looking like this was mass produced and each store could get their name on it. AMazing. I also like the oval shape quite a bit, the blue background and white trim are incredibly pleasing to the eye.

Water is starting to evaporate out of it, or maybe they always wanted the bronto to be peeking out? If this was mass produced I haven't seen another, although I'm sure a trip to the internet will prove me wrong and that's too disappointing. But it does make sense that a pharmacy would want to get into the hearts and minds of children, who all love snowglobes and dinos and will need cough syrup at some point in life.

Special thanks to Carson, who decided that this would be more appreciated in my collection than in his bathroom.