SANDglobe. Total genius. While many globes are standard city settings, this one raises the bar by offering what Arizona actually has - sand and snakes. Doesn't make for good shaking but that's ok.

To be fair, in 12 years of living in Arizona, I remember only seeing one snake. But they were out there, everyone knew. Rattlers. I never knew anyone bit by one. My boss did step on a scorpion that was in his bedroom though. The smaller they are the more deadly, or at least the more "venom" or whatever scorps got. The hospital didn't know what to do (!) so they gave him a tetnous (sp) shot like he had stepped on a rusty nail. A mean, six-legged nail with pinchers.

My other Arizona globe does have snow against the cactus. It snowed twice while I was living there, once in December, once on Easter Morning. Freaky but gone by 11am.