The bear is holding a sign that says "I am not a bear" and is wearing antlers. But how strange is the hidden "Canada" sign to the left? Some secret response to draft dodging, hiding in the woods like animals? Or just my parents went to Canada and all I got was this snow globe.

I remember two vivid learning experiences with bears. Smokey the Bear was a real hero, lovable and smart, with quick and effective commercials telling me to never start a fire. I trusted that deep narration the way I trusted movie trailers. I would never want to burn him up, so I always knew how dangerous forest fires were. That campaign worked. Even though every 4th of July I would torch any other insect on the ground, that was far from any forest.

The other time was at Jungle Habitat. It was a wide-open, drive-thru zoo in New Jersey, run by Warner Brothers from 72-76. You would stay in your car and drive through these open areas where animals roamed. Its psychotic to think of now. But incredible for children - you are in the backseat and a lion is walking up to your window, licking it. Ostriches came up and ate the rubber lining on the doors. And bears would sit on the hood of your car, totally fucking it up. Too bad human, Jungle Habitat is not responsible for damages. (Although they did pay a few maimed customers.)

Wikipedia doesn't list bears being there - but I just knoooooow they were.

And speaking of Canada - there is a similar zoo there still open.